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While I am Not able to play the 750 step this is what someone would have played:

{Romanian StuG G In Czechoslovakia alongside the Red Army 1945}

Companie Tancuri Medii


1x TA (StuG G)

Combat Platoons:
3x TA (StuG G)
3x TA (StuG G)

Divisional Support:
Pioneer Platoon : 1xPanzerfaust SMG CMD 6x SMG Pioneers 1x 3ton Supply Truck 1x SGT Aruel Sandu SMG team

750 pts.

Romanians roll for the units Motivation/Skill before each game, so my dudes could be:

1-2: RV
2-3: CT
4-6: CV

in August an insurrection overthrew Marshal and the fascist regime. A new provisional regime sympathetic to the USSR was established and, until the end of the war, Romanian Forces fought under control of the Red Army against German Armies to claim back its territory.
As the country declared war on Germany on the night of 23 August 1944, border clashes between Hungarian and Romanian troops erupted almost immediately. On 24 August German troops attempted to seize Bucharest and suppress Michael's coup, but were repelled by the city's defenses, which received some support from the United States Air Force. Other Wehrmacht units in the country suffered severe losses: remnants of the Sixth Army retreating west of the Prut River were cut off and destroyed by the Red Army, which was now advancing at an even greater speed, while Romanian units attacked German garrisons at the Ploiești oilfields, forcing them to retreat to Hungary. The Romanian Army captured over 50,000 German prisoners around this time, who were later surrendered to the Soviets. After the war, Romania entered the Soviet sphere of influence and later joined the Warsaw pact.

Formation Story:
Slt. Ion S Dumitru after escaping a German Interment camp was able to rally with 2nd tank Regiment and had been given command of the regiments TA assets. 14 Brand new Stug G that had been recovered from the coup. with an additional 4x StuG G and other various armored vehicles in various stages of repair. Dumitru, already his countries best tank ace was sent to fight the fascist and drive him out of Romania, fight the Hungarians and retake ancestral homelands.

Day 1:

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