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Ian Birdwell

This week's post is a double feature of an army list and a new report into a painted platoon for Pineland!

First things first the list



2 Cmd SMG/Panzerfaust Teams


1 Full Panzergrenadier Platoon with Cmd SMG/Panzerfaust, 1 3.7cm Track

1 Full Panzergrenadier Platoon with Cmd SMG/Panzerfaust, 1 3.7cm Track


3 Pak40 Tracks

4 Reihenwerfer Mortar Tracks


4 Beute StuHs

1 8.8 with extra crew

Now for Red Platoon in all of their glory, ready to do battle for Pineland!

Ian Birdwell
The first two units for my Pineland German forces

Some lovely U304(f) halftracks to ferry my grenadiers across the battlefield. 

Some lovely PAK40 trucks

Stay tuned, there should be more to come once it stops storming. 

Bill White
I originally went with my armored car list as I had painted up a MW armored car company that got nerfed by V4. Ian's excellent idea of an escalation league presented an oppurtunity to bring them back out with some LW updates.

Right off the bat I needed a firefly and another Daimler 1. I was using Littlejohn adapters on one Daimler 1 in each Platoon, so I put that barrel option on. I painted them up in LW Firefly Green. I wound up painting 2 Fireflys. I tried some pigment washing on one. I liked the pigment, I just didn't like the color of the pigment. It looks more like rust than mud. I painted a second firefly and just went with my usual light dusting weathering with the Tamiya Weathering Kit.

I then needed some Infantry. I panted up a short platoon with only 4 stands of infantry. I will be adding to that this week with another 2 stands of infantry. I tried a new technique of basing them in German Camo Black Brown and then drybrushing English Uniform over that. I really like how it looked. I also used a bright grey green on the webbing in such to make it stand out.

I also painted up 3 Ram Kangaroos to use as Sherman Kangaroos. BF doesn't make a Sherman Kangaroo model. I really liked how the Ram Kangaroo looked versus using a Sherman tank without the turret.


Bill White Aug 13 '17 · Tags: escalation league
Bill White
After playing in the Federicksburg EW Tournament I am taking a Sunday off from the Escalation League. I did put together my 1250 point list for next week. After playing a Stuka yesterday with less than great results I am ditching my plan for a Spitfire.

I have also been facing infantry and AT gun heavy lists, so I have enough points now to switch from the Daimler 1 platoons to Staghound Platoons, each having a CS version. This should help in addition to my 75mm halftracks with digging out infantry and guns.

I added two more stands to my Maori Infantry. They ride into battle with their front armor 6 sherman kangaroos. One of the V4 changes I like is the transports stick around after the infantry gets out. So they help the pre assault pinning fire with an extra 12 dice, 9 of which are .50 cals.

I also added another Sherman V because why not.

My List is:

HQ: 2 Staghound 1s with AA MG.

2X Combat Platoons of 2 Stagnound 1s and 1 Staghound II CS each plus AA MGs all around.

1X Heavy Armored Car Platoon of 1 Dingo and 2 75mm Halftracks.

1X Armored Platoon of 3 Sherman V's with .50 Cal AA MG's and One Sherman Firefly.

1 X NZ Commonwealth Infantry Platoon cinsisting of 1 Unit Leader, 1 Light Mortar, 1 Piat Team, and 6 Infantry Stands. All have sticky Bombs and are turned into Maori which requires a re roll for successful enemy counterattack rolls in assaults.

1X Transport Section of 3 Sherman Kangaroos each with an additional >50 Cal AA MG in addition to a Hull MG.

Bill White Aug 13 '17 · Tags: escalation league
Mike LaDue
Another round of painted units! Hope you enjoy! Errr... I mean 'BANZAI!'

Type 92 70mm

Type 1 47mm

Nikuhaku Teams

Tyoe 96 150mm Howitzers

Type 38 75mm
Mike LaDue Aug 9 '17 · Tags: escalation league
Jochabed Copeland
So I played Jeff and his Germans on Sunday.
He achieved a 8-1 victory.
I made some rookie mistakes (which I shall attempt to not make again lol) and the dice did not like me that game
I started my tanks off in a forest... I know I know
I also only moved my tanks 10in instead of rushing them to try and get around jeffs pz4's... again, I know lol
His big guns (I think were pak 40's...?) picked off my T-34's and ate them for dinner...
I attempted to assault on the 6th turn out of sheer desperation... I failed... epically... lol
After the failed assault I called the game as I would have been completely annailated within 2 turns.

Overall it was a good game, I learned some things, realized my major mistakes, and had fun :D (and my first loss was NOT to my husband!! So I call that a win!) haha
Jochabed Copeland Aug 7 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: escalation league, soviets
Jochabed Copeland

Got a 8-1 victory on my husband (Austin).
I played my soviet T-34 horde, which contains 21 T-34's (two platoons of 10, and one command platoon)
Austin played a Romanian stug G company.

mission was "breakthrough" it was based off of "operation Uranus"

You can basically follow my turn by turn movement by the trail of destroyed T-34's lol
I lost two tanks turn 1
Lost 2 tanks turn 2
Lost 2 tanks turn 3 (one from each side)
Lost 2 tanks on turn 4
And 4 tanks turn 5 (2 from each side)
My one remaining T-34 from the platoon on the left ran away on his immediate moral test on turn 5.
I finished the game with 7 of my 10 T-34's from my second platoon and my command T-34.

I think we spent more time arguing about rules than we did moving...

Jochabed Copeland Aug 4 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: escalation league, soviets
Jochabed Copeland
out of Red Bear- tankovy batalon
all units are confidant trained (except the rocket launchers who are fearless trained)
1Cmd T-34 OBR 1942    =45 points

combat platoons
10x T-34 OBR 1942          =350 points
10x T-34 OBR 1942 = 350 points

Corps support companies
4x 120-PM-38 mortar =95 points
4x BM-13 Katyusha (5+ crew) =130 points

TOTAL  = 970 points
Bill White
CV out of Road to Rome

Canadian Armored Cars

HQ 4 Staghounds with AA MGs

1st Platoon  Daimler 1, Daimler 1 with Littlejohn Adapter, and Dingo

2nd Platoon  Daimler 1, Daimler 1 with Littlejohn Adapter, and Dingo

3rd Platoon 2 Sherman V with .50 cal AAMG and 1 Sherman Firefly.

For this round I needed to paint up 1 Firefly and 1 Daimler 1. My force was originally for MW so they are Khaki with black mickey mouse camo. I decided to go with LW Green for these two vehicles. Oddly enough when I opened up the Daimler 1, I had three Daimler wheels and a Dingo Wheel. Evidently a dingo ate my wheel. One email to BF and a few days later I had two daimler 1 wheels in the mail box.

Bill White Jul 24 '17 · Tags: escalation league
Ian Birdwell
21st Panzer Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie- 745 pts

HQ-80-2 Panzerfaust SMG Teams, 2 U304F Halfracks

Combat Platoon-225-1 Panzerfaust SMG Team, 6 MG Teams, 3 U304F Halftracks, 1 U304F Halftrack with 3.7

Combat Platoon-160-1 Panzerfaust SMG Team, 4 MG Teams, 3 U304F Halftracks, 1 U304F Halftrack with 3.7

Weapons-190-3 S307F Pak40 Halftracks

Weapons-90-2 S307f Reihenwerfer Halftracks, Observer with Kubelwagen

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