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Jochabed Copeland
So I played Jeff and his Germans on Sunday.
He achieved a 8-1 victory.
I made some rookie mistakes (which I shall attempt to not make again lol) and the dice did not like me that game
I started my tanks off in a forest... I know I know
I also only moved my tanks 10in instead of rushing them to try and get around jeffs pz4's... again, I know lol
His big guns (I think were pak 40's...?) picked off my T-34's and ate them for dinner...
I attempted to assault on the 6th turn out of sheer desperation... I failed... epically... lol
After the failed assault I called the game as I would have been completely annailated within 2 turns.

Overall it was a good game, I learned some things, realized my major mistakes, and had fun :D (and my first loss was NOT to my husband!! So I call that a win!) haha
Jochabed Copeland Aug 7 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: escalation league, soviets
Jochabed Copeland

Got a 8-1 victory on my husband (Austin).
I played my soviet T-34 horde, which contains 21 T-34's (two platoons of 10, and one command platoon)
Austin played a Romanian stug G company.

mission was "breakthrough" it was based off of "operation Uranus"

You can basically follow my turn by turn movement by the trail of destroyed T-34's lol
I lost two tanks turn 1
Lost 2 tanks turn 2
Lost 2 tanks turn 3 (one from each side)
Lost 2 tanks on turn 4
And 4 tanks turn 5 (2 from each side)
My one remaining T-34 from the platoon on the left ran away on his immediate moral test on turn 5.
I finished the game with 7 of my 10 T-34's from my second platoon and my command T-34.

I think we spent more time arguing about rules than we did moving...

Jochabed Copeland Aug 4 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: escalation league, soviets
Jochabed Copeland
out of Red Bear- tankovy batalon
all units are confidant trained (except the rocket launchers who are fearless trained)
1Cmd T-34 OBR 1942    =45 points

combat platoons
10x T-34 OBR 1942          =350 points
10x T-34 OBR 1942 = 350 points

Corps support companies
4x 120-PM-38 mortar =95 points
4x BM-13 Katyusha (5+ crew) =130 points

TOTAL  = 970 points

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