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Ian Birdwell
Welcome to the first Flames of War Escalation League for the 757th Rangers!

Our Mission Here

First things first, this is a league with the goal of promoting us to help our recently converted members of our cohort to learn the rules, paint armies, organize our play a little bit, and most importantly have a good time! To this end I heartily encourage everyone to journey into waters they may have not before, either through choosing an alternate force you've not played before or dusting off some models that haven't seen the light of day since the new edition. With this being said let's get down to the rules for play within the league to seal the fate of the mythical Pineland!

Force Selection

All forces must be selected from the following late war books: 

Overlord, Atlantik Wall, Road to Rome, Fortress Italy, Red Bear, Grey Wolf, Banzai, and Gung Ho. 

However, the following caveat exists: forces must be selected from lists detailing usage before or during the summer of 1944 (forces without such mention may also be selected for usage in the League). Also no warriors or fortified companies are allowed as taking Pineland requires a great deal of mobility and everyone else is more occupied elsewhere with the things.

Furthermore once a specific army list(intelligence briefing) is selected that list must be used throughout the course of the League, posted onto the league member's blog for all to see, and updated throughout the course of the league (but please do not post those lists until the start of the league on July 23rd). This list may be altered throughout the league, such as running three infantry platoons at 1000 but then reducing it to only two platoons at 1250. So think carefully of which list you wish to allow to see the first battle as that will be the list used throughout the league! 

The escalation will proceed as follows in two week increments:

750  Points- Start Date July 23rd

1000 Points- Start Date August 6th

1250 Points- Start Date August 20th

1500 Points- Start Date September 3rd

There is also the likelihood of a tournament falling towards the end of our escalation league period which will be able to contribute to your league points if you use the intelligence briefing you selected for the league.

Playing in the League

The overall goal of forces during the escalation league is to see which player and faction can control the mythical land of Pineland! Over the course of each points period we'd like the results from each game played to be recorded including size of victory in order to establish standings for each week, whomever is at the top of the league at the end of it all has achieved the stewardship of Pineland! (with ties being broken through a very elegant process of the following: calculating number of wins, units painted for the league, and finally being resolved with the standard 3 round match of rock paper scissors). Results slips should either be sent to me on our site or posted on your blog as a battle report!

The recommended table size is normally 6x4, however for the 750 point games it is recommended to play on a 4x4 table to make it easier for both forces to cover objectives. 

For Mission selection, we'd like to encourage the use of the expanded mission pack for flames of war available here to determine mission and attacker. Otherwise, the player with the most infantry formations shall be the defender and if a tie occurs the players shall dice off to determine the attacker. (Annihilation is also to be removed from the mission pool)

During the course of the League it's possible to challenge specific players to games, to challenge such players a challenge thread will be created here on the forums at the start of the league though keep in mind only league players may be challenged!  

Additionally, players are welcome to have open play against other league members at the assigned points level. We encourage all participants to play as many games as possible during their time in the league, though we willingly recognize that our time is limited through our other "responsibilities". To help acknowledge this only the two best scores from each points period will be tallied for the purposes to see which player conquers Pineland! So get out there and get those dice a rolling!

Other Ways to Score

The following will be added to each player's accrued points at the end of the league.

Challenge Points

+1 for winning in a challenge (can only be used once per points period)

+2 for winning a grudge match (A grudge match be declared if a player challenges another league member they failed to defeat in a challenge the player initiated once per points period)

Participation Points!

+1 for each game played past the first game each week (only one per opponent though) 

+4 points for playing through each points period

Hobby Points!

+1 Per Painted Unit, they must be painted during the league (transport units of 4 or more teams count as an entirely separate unit for the purposes of painting)

+1-2 Points per game based on opponent assessment of your army (Note this is only for forces painted prior to the start of the league)

Blog Points!

+1 Point for Each Battle report without pictures for a league game posted onto this site

+2 Points for Each Battle report with pictures for a league game posted onto this site


We have more than enough space to allow for anyone who wants to join the league to play. And feel free to sign up early as any troops you paint or finish up for the league in between now and the start of the league will count for hobby points if recorded on your blog!

For comments, questions, or concerns please either message me or comment below. Most of the rules discusses in this post I pulled from another Flames of War escalation league rule set I found online and I slightly modified them. 

Ian Birdwell Jun 25 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: escalation league
James Copeland

Game Mission: Breakthrough
Pts: 750 Game 1
Results 1-8 Loss
Jo and I played a Game based on the real Soviet Operation Uranus (Pun Intended)
In this game Soviets crushed the Romanian defenders, just as in the real life build up to Stalingrad.

Lesson learned: Don't play against soviets, also, I still suck at playing tanks. I miss my PBI!

Turn 1: I didn't attrite enough tanks. Only killing 2x T-34s
Turn 2: I didn't kill enough tanks, killed 2
Turn 3: I didn't kill enough tanks....

Turn 4: I didn't kill enough tanks....

Turn 5: I didn't kill enough tanks....
Turn 6: I was wiped off the map leaving my CO to face 8 more T-34s

James Copeland Aug 4 '17 · Comments: 2
James Copeland

After my ride, home with Pete from the 1515 Bulge Tourney, and discussing the day’s events, it became apparent to me a firm understanding of how to do an assault really will make the difference between winning a game or losing, or possibly making a draw.

For anyone who does not know in a tournament, a tie game is a loss for both players, so the only way to win, is to win. And the best way to win is to assault. That being said, the rules to assault are the most misunderstood rules in the game. They don't make sense and it seems the only way to get better at them is to fail at them in a game. If that was the way the real world worked we would still be lined up and blowing whistle and going over the top.

So this is not a comprehensive guide to assault, but I would like to share my hints and tips on how to do one well.

1. Deployment is key to a successful assault. Be it tanks or Infantry if you deploy your troops on the wrong side of the table, they must weather a hail of fire before they come close to their objective. Make sure you draw up in your mind a plan of how you want the battle to go. Dictate where the battles will be fought and deploy to support that plan.

2. Key to deployment is also set up your objective marker to a place where you can easily get to it. Putting your objective in a forest is dangerous because infantry defending it will be 7s to hit until you are in range to be shot. Conversely putting it in the open field can be hard to, as you will get no cover approaching it. Survey the field and pick something that would suit your plan.

3. Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke.... Did I say Smoke enough, it can assist you to shield your movement, it can make the difference between Defensive fire hitting on Vets go from 4s, to 5s. While you are moving to the objective it makes your troops either invisible and non-targetable, or making vets 6s to hit. It also can save your armor from those big cats the Germans and Soviets like to put on the table by forcing them to move. Losing 1-2 tanks a turn vice 4-8 makes a difference.

4. Don't be afraid of the Congo line. You must move your troops into base-base contact if they have the room to make it, if they can’t get within 2inch of an enemy team you can move them anywhere you want towards the assault. So, if you can move your troops to limit the amount of defensive fire coming at them you save your lead. Assaulting through... you guessed it, smoke. 5 hits on 5s is hard to roll, even for me.

5. If you fail to pin those pesky German Infantry who are 6s to hit, with Arty, Snipers or mass volumes of bullets, send in the armor first, again following the hints above, limit how many units can shoot back at you. fight it out and God willing, they enemy breaks form the fight before you. When they break off, they will be pinned. The you send in the infantry to mop up.

(This is what I do with the tetrarch list, Let the armor mess up the line of infantry and then letting my para do their worst once the d-fire will be next to nothing.)

6. When you push the enemy off the objective, use your "I won the assault move of 4inch to make it so your opponent can’t come back to contest without assaulting you.

I am thinking if in the coming weeks anyone wants to practice set up assaults to get the experience, this would be a big help to learn the very important skill of assaults. I hope this has helped you put some tactical ideas to your toolbelt.

James Copeland Dec 11 '16 · Comments: 1
Jochabed Copeland

Got a 8-1 victory on my husband (Austin).
I played my soviet T-34 horde, which contains 21 T-34's (two platoons of 10, and one command platoon)
Austin played a Romanian stug G company.

mission was "breakthrough" it was based off of "operation Uranus"

You can basically follow my turn by turn movement by the trail of destroyed T-34's lol
I lost two tanks turn 1
Lost 2 tanks turn 2
Lost 2 tanks turn 3 (one from each side)
Lost 2 tanks on turn 4
And 4 tanks turn 5 (2 from each side)
My one remaining T-34 from the platoon on the left ran away on his immediate moral test on turn 5.
I finished the game with 7 of my 10 T-34's from my second platoon and my command T-34.

I think we spent more time arguing about rules than we did moving...

Jochabed Copeland Aug 4 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: escalation league, soviets
Jochabed Copeland
So I played Jeff and his Germans on Sunday.
He achieved a 8-1 victory.
I made some rookie mistakes (which I shall attempt to not make again lol) and the dice did not like me that game
I started my tanks off in a forest... I know I know
I also only moved my tanks 10in instead of rushing them to try and get around jeffs pz4's... again, I know lol
His big guns (I think were pak 40's...?) picked off my T-34's and ate them for dinner...
I attempted to assault on the 6th turn out of sheer desperation... I failed... epically... lol
After the failed assault I called the game as I would have been completely annailated within 2 turns.

Overall it was a good game, I learned some things, realized my major mistakes, and had fun :D (and my first loss was NOT to my husband!! So I call that a win!) haha
Jochabed Copeland Aug 7 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: escalation league, soviets

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