Crushing Defeat at the hands of the Horde from James Copeland's blog

Game Mission: Breakthrough
Pts: 750 Game 1
Results 1-8 Loss
Jo and I played a Game based on the real Soviet Operation Uranus (Pun Intended)
In this game Soviets crushed the Romanian defenders, just as in the real life build up to Stalingrad.

Lesson learned: Don't play against soviets, also, I still suck at playing tanks. I miss my PBI!

Turn 1: I didn't attrite enough tanks. Only killing 2x T-34s
Turn 2: I didn't kill enough tanks, killed 2
Turn 3: I didn't kill enough tanks....

Turn 4: I didn't kill enough tanks....

Turn 5: I didn't kill enough tanks....
Turn 6: I was wiped off the map leaving my CO to face 8 more T-34s

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The Wall

Jochabed Copeland
Aug 4 '17
hahahaha "i didn't kill enough tanks" you killed 12 of my T-34's!!
Ian Birdwell
Aug 4 '17
The descriptions of the turns are just riveting, they've really brought through the eternal struggle of fighting soviets.
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By James Copeland
Added Aug 4 '17


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