Flames of War Early War Blitz


Date & time May 19, 09:00
Atlantis Norfolk
Creator Mike LaDue

Who's attending

Pete Desnoyers
Ian Birdwell
Mike LaDue


Early War Returns to Atlantis on May 19th. This will be a Blitz event. Each round will be 2 hours.


Early War: 1250 Points

-Entry is $10

-Doors will open at 9 am.

-Dice Roll at 10AM

-We will be using the “More Missions” pack to determine the missions and posture at the start of each round (minus annihilation).

-There will be 30 min for lunch and 10 minutes between rounds 2 and 3. Each round will last 2 hrs. Please keep this in mind as we will have a clock provided displaying the time remaining.

The Wall

Pete Desnoyers
Mar 13
I'll be there
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