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Bill White
Bill White May 31 '17
Who wants to play what? I'm up for either trying out my LW American list for the tournament on the 10th or playing my 100 pts of TY Americans.
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jun 1 '17
I was planning on bring a tournament list to try out. I was leaning toward playing Brits.
Pete Desnoyers
Pete Desnoyers Jun 2 '17
Im bringing brits as well, hopefully, still painting them up for my son.
Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Jun 2 '17
Unfortunately I'm likely going to be working this weekend, which makes me a sad panda
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jun 2 '17
I'll bring my Germans too so we can get some red vs. blue action.
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Dan ONeil
Dan ONeil Jun 3 '17
Ill have my LW Brits and ill also bring 100 TY West German list.
James Copeland
James Copeland Jun 3 '17
June 7th is right around the corner any interest in dday? 

If not LW tourney prep is a good idea.

I will be bringing overlord brits
James Copeland
James Copeland Jun 4 '17
Well looks as if I won't be able to make it today. The Navy decided I owe them a few hours of watch.

Can't wait for the tourney though!
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jun 4 '17
Well that sucks.  See ya next weekend.

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