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Matt Jun 11 '17
Hello all, I'm new to the area and decided to try to get back into the miniature scene. Was wondering if Flames of war or Team Yankee is bigger in this neck of the woods.
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jun 11 '17

Welcome Matt.  Flames has more players right now but a lot of us have branched into TY. 

I have German, Brit and US armies for Flames and I have a good start for Soviets for TY. A few other players have US and West German armies and I think some one is working on an East German army.  

Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Jun 11 '17
Welcome Matt! 

I believe Jeff is correct, several of us are branching into Team Yankee in conjunction with our flames of war armies. I've collected British, Australian, Hungarian, and am working on German forces for Flames and am in the process of rounding out my Americans and East Germans for Team Yankee. 

Matt Jun 11 '17
Excellent! For TY how are the east Germans? I know they're a more hoardy bunch with the T-55s. I have Grey wolf but was kind of disappointed with the lists to be honest, I read red bear at Atlantis and thought about getting a copy. If you have or fought against soviets how do you like them as an army?
John Birdwell
John Birdwell Jun 11 '17

Nice to meet you Matt! Glad you are joining us!

As for team yankee, Well once I get back and get all my stuff painted, I will be playing British and I have a good amount of stuff that I can play either Eat German or Russian! As for WW2 I have Germans, Italian and Russian! As for facing Russians in Mass! Well bring lots of firepower! Cause almost every Russian needs to be killed to stop them!

James Copeland
James Copeland Jun 12 '17
Hi Matt!

I to have brits/and some Germans. I also have a Romanian force. 

Russians are similar to any horde type army. They need to be played aggressively or they will fail. The new v4 rules treat them well since 40% of an army must be held of table. There fore  you would outnumber and swarm an enemy.

Brian Jun 13 '17
How to win Flames of War:

(1) Buy Allied tanks
(2) Paint Allied tanks as German
(3) Proceed to crush your enemies
(4) Drink their tears as sustenance
Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Jun 14 '17
To answer your question in regards to the East Germans, they are more of a horde army with consideration to the way the T-55 compares to most NATO MBTs, though I do find them enjoyable to play I think the power in the East Germans is in having too many tanks for the NATO player to ever effectively break your force (which is something I'm not super enthused about). The T-72 co., which I find a little bit more effective as its more survivable, the power there is going to be the higher skill rating in relation to the soviet lists which makes it easier to make use of movement orders. 

As for deciding between Germans and Soviets, the best advice I can give you is to look at the constraints you may be facing in regards to time and other factors in addition to their relative styles of play or periods of the war you can play in. If your goal is to collect a force capable of playing in any time period of the war you picked two good forces to choose between, but if you're looking for the most flexibility and list selection possible I couldn't recommend the Germans enough as their briefings outnumber all allied briefings and diverse styles of play available through those briefings. 

Onto your Soviet question it is definitely possible to flood the field with more soviet bodies than most players can effectively fight and overwhelm the enemy just as its possible to play a list of 5-10 heavy tanks that most armies are going to have a hard time killing due to high armor. That being said the best advice I can give you in regards to soviets, or any horde style army, is maneuver aggressively with the horde as any delay means another chance for your opponent to whittle you down thus reducing your ability to overwhelm them with bodies.  

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