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John Birdwell
John Birdwell Aug 4 '17

A couple of nights ago, Mike and I did a battle. I had my german army and he had his Japanese army! Now before we get into it, I have to say I hate all of the special rules that Battle Front has to use to make the Japanese playable! However, if they do not have the special rules, they would get crushed each game cause they really need them!

Now I used my 750 point army of Heer German's.

HQ with two SMG PF command teams and a Panzersherck team.

two platoons of Infantry with six R/MG teams and a SMG PF command team.

Looted Sherman Tank

Pair of Pak 40 guns

Heavy Mortar Battery with 4 120mm mortars

All of my troops counted for formation and I was all CV other then the tank which was CT.

He had, and this is just from what I can remember by the way.

Command platoon with two sword command teams, one with Regt. Banner.

Two full platoons of infantry, that is one command sword team with banner, 9 rifle teams, three light mortar teams

one pair of 47mm A/T guns

one pair of 75mm Artillery guns

one pair of 75mm SPGs.

All of which was CT. And artillery, SPGs were  support.

We ended up rolling and got Dust Up. Since he used his Always Attack Rule and night attack I ended defending.

60% of our armies were on the board to begin with. And everyone started out dug in.  He took the best quarter leaving me in the one with just one field and one building for cover.

I took one infantry platoon, the Tank, and the mortors to start with. He took one infantry platoon, the 75s and the 47s. We both took our command platoons.

There was a nice big open space with only a field right in the middle of the table. I dug in on one OBM and between my mortars and the center of the table with the tank on the right of my line of infantry.

I ended up going first. No artillery and I did not have any shots. His part he moved out at a terrain Dash and ended up with his infantry platoon in the open space in the middle in the field that was there. No shots from his A/T guns due to out of range and no targets.

Turn two. I moved my tank around the building and opened fire with everything. Rolled for how much I could see. Well the tank ended up with short range and the infantry ended up with enough to target his infantry. The mortars ranged in and between everything I killed a couple of stands and pinned him down. For him he failed to unpin and since his Commander was to far away from the platoon command team was not able to reroll it, and he failed to dig in. He did range in with his 75s on my infantry. did not kill anyone though!

Turn three, I unpinned and opened up with everything again! Killed more of his troops. Around half or so of his infantry platoon was gone. His part he did not unpin again, and moved his command team up. Between his guns repeating fire on my infantry and his rifle and mortar shots, he ended up killing a couple of teams and pinned some of troops.

I did not get any reserves and he got his SPGs which cross country dashed. so no shooting from them!

However, if I remember right he did get daylight that turn.

Turn four. I ended getting my reserves. Both A/T guns and the full infantry platoon. I blitz moved my tank so that I could shoot at his SPGs and got really lucky. I hit both of them. And killed both of them! Shot the heck out of his infantry somemore bring it down to around three or four teams and way spread out. On his part he made his unpin check and assaulted my infantry with his infantry platoon. Did not get any of his reserves that turn. In the assault my defense fire killed everything.

Turn four I moved my tank a long way up the table getting to where I could move up and kill some guns next turn. my infantry and guns moved in from my left with the shot up platoon covering the OBM. For his part he attacked with his company command and he got the other infantry platoon onboard. His A/T guns got shots into my tanks front and bounced. my defense fire killed on of the command teams and the other got in and missed. I did not.

Turn five. I moved my one infantry platoon closer to the center of the table and tried to kill his OBserver. I had one mortar team that could see his infantry platoon and ended up firing on it! Killed a couple and pinned it. did not kill his Observer. for his part he dropped some 75s on my platoon in the open and killed a couple. He was unable to unpin and moved his infantry to cover the OBMs in his area.

Turn Six, I unpinned and moved my infantry over where I could fire and assault one of the buildings with it where I would end up with only a few teams able to fire at me in defense fire. I got really lucky again with my tank and killed two rifle teams in that building. Managed to range in on his 75s but, did not hit the one. Then assaulted. His defensive fire only hit once and I saved. And killed all three teams in that building. No other teams were within 4" so the assault was over. For his part, well formation check time due to his formation was down to the A/T platoon, which was in good sprits and one infantry platoon that was not in good sprits and down to two teams. And since he was running Japanese, special rule time. all indepent teams were removed, all gun teams switched to rifle teams and everything assaulted. And he picked the only unit that he could assault which was the platoon that was in the building that had assaulted in my turn. Now he was able to bring everything in range and assault. He did fire but, did not hit enough and everything that he did hit saved. My defensive fire was 11 shots and I killed five of the six teams in the assault which caused the assault to fail. He fell back with just one team and it was out in the open. He called it at that time!

Good Game though! I thought that if he got into range for assaults it would have been all over! Boy was I worried! If he every did get into assault range it would have been bloody! As was the special Japanese rules helped him out a lot! I got lucky with several of my tank shots and killed his SPGs and quite a few infantry teams. That and the other shots from my troops helped keep his troops pinned and away from mine!

If he had moved down the line of buildings, using them for cover to protect his troops until he had both infantry platoons onboard and then attacked. It just could have won the game for him! As is I had to kill ever last team to win.

What I learned from this. Well the Japanese are hard to take out.

 Do not look for them to break at anytime!

Plan on taking out each team.

Japanese artillery is helped with V4 artillery rules and firepower.

Japanese A/T Guns suck. Unless they get side shots or get real lucky, they will have a real hard time with handling tanks! However, do not forget that Japanese Infantry gets those tank assault teams and they can take out tanks!

 Japanese Sword teams can put a real hurting on you in an assault!  

The special rules really work for the Japanese! Even worse then Russians!

Remember that this game was fought several days ago and since I did not write anything down, some things could be a little bit off. However, what I learned means that I am looking really hard HMGs! Cause I want the extra firepower for when I face Japanese again!

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