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Mike LaDue
Mike LaDue Aug 31 '17
What do you guys think of the new rules update for early/late war that were released this morning? 

Follow up question: how long before a tournament are updated rules generally followed? For other game systems I require a 30 day minimum for the rules to be out, but I'm not sure its necessary for Flames. What do you guys think?
Bill White
Bill White Aug 31 '17
I would really like to use the new rules but I don't think a week's heads up is enough since it'll have major impacts to some people's lists.
Bill White
Bill White Aug 31 '17
For the record I think the rule changes are good. Lots of change and interesting stuff to come too.
Ed Sales
Ed Sales Aug 31 '17
Legions didn't use the new victory conditions for a tournament last weekend because they weren't out before the tournament was announced. So I'd say no to using them. Also, Phil on the forum counterdicts himself of the Rocket rules so I think they are going to change again.

I'm also not a fan of the majority of them as well though.
Brian Aug 31 '17
These changes aren't official, they are meant to be tested, not taken as effective changes. Granted, you can run the tournament however you like and everyone else just has to deal with it. 
Mike LaDue
Mike LaDue Sep 1 '17
I'm not going to use the latest ones, but will use the updated missions. Everyone seems on board with those
Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Sep 1 '17
I'm wholly on board with using the new mission pack, but to be safe let's try to print off copies of the missions were playing from the pack to minimize confusion. 

Otherwise I like the changes proposed under the recent release, I just think they need some modification to make them more effective. Like modifying the soviet changes to be number of teams instead of number of platoons in a soviet company. That and a lot of clarification of the rocket launcher rules, because right now it's overly confusing on how they want that proposed change to be implemented. 

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