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John Birdwell
John Birdwell Sep 24 '17

So I just got back and I ended up buying some stuff today! And with my two tank companies, one mech infantry company and HQ along with the stuff today I have a great big amount of 56 points! I must think about getting either some Hinds, Aircraft or T-72s to bulk out my list! Right now its looking like this:

56T -55am2 Panzer Bataillon T-55AM2 Panzer Bataillon HQ (p.12)1x T-55AM21T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie (p.13)9x T-55AM214T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie (p.13)9x T-55AM214BMP-1 Mot-schutzen Kompanie (p.17)10x MPi KM with RPG-18, 9x RPG-7, 2x PKM LMG, 12x BMP-119- Additional AGS-17 grenade launcher1x AGS-17 grenade launcher, 1x BMP-11- Additional SA-14 Gremlin AA1x SA-14 Gremlin AA missile, 1x BMP-11SA-13 Gopher Flak Zug (p.23)2x SA-13 Gopher2Support BRDM-2 Aufklarungs Zug (p.19)4x BRDM-22Spandrel Panzerabwehr Zug (p.25)3x Spandrel2

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