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Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Sep 27 '15
Here are some of the links I had brought up earlier today


Great for army building or scoping out lists you're looking at running quickly and FREE. Doesn't Include things from Nachtjaeger on though. 

Beasts of War

I found the Beasts of War, flames of war for the win series very helpful to start with. I would often turn it on while painting for white noise, and often I would look up to see important bits like "How to get rid of dug in infantry". 

Pete Desnoyers
Pete Desnoyers Sep 27 '15
Cool thanks Ian!
Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Sep 27 '15
I almost forgot about scribd, on this site you can find loads of books and though there is a paywall its possible to sign up for the trial and then immediately cancel it when you've downloaded all the books you need or want.

Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Sep 29 '15
For those looking for vehicles at a very reasonable price, check out this store its a lot less detailed than the battlefront stuff, however it is incredibly affordable. 

World War II Photos

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