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Challis Miles
I know the roads are terrible for most folks, but does anyone want to help me test my 1780 late war?
James Copeland
ill be there.
Bill White
Bill White Jan 6
I won’t be there. 
Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Jan 6
I'll be cold at home.
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jan 6
I'm going to try and make it out.  Went out some today- the interstates were good- secondary roads not so much.
John Birdwell

doubt that I will be there! Next weekend though! LOL!

Mike LaDue
Mike LaDue Jan 7
The roads aren't super terrible but they're still bad. Please be careful if you plan on heading up here !!!
Challis Miles
So... The girlfriend's car wouldn't start and she had an appointment to go to down town. So I'll be taking her to that and then buying a battery so I don't think you'll see me today

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