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Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Jan 12
What are everyone's hopes and dreams for the coming Sunday? Does anyone have a particular event they'd like to prepare for? 
Bill White
Bill White Jan 12
I am looking to play 100 pts of TY with my Americans in preparation for the Fredericksburg tournament. The first week of 2018 beat the shit out of me so I had to bail on Barragecon.
Dan ONeil
Dan ONeil Jan 12
If I'm feeling better I'll have both Flames and TY with me.
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jan 13
First games of 2018. I'll bring 100 pts TY and 1780 LW.  
Challis Miles
Challis Miles Jan 13
I've got duty on the Ship. But I am hard at work painting and assembling the latest infantry horde!
James Copeland
MY HORDE AWAITS ANY AND ALL CHALLENGERS :p  (insert random orc warboss pic here)
Thomas Slopnick
I’ll be there with LW.

[Insert humorous comment here.]
James Copeland
ill be there with a table and 100pts of TY or 1780 LW
Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Jan 14
I'll be there is 1780 points of LW Brits and Germans

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