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John Birdwell
John Birdwell Feb 9 '18

Stopped by Atlantis today and they have the new Italian Mid War Book and Command Cards along with a few of the units!

Some of the Command Cards:

Stuka Support card. You can field a German Stuka instead of a Falco, cost 1 point

Pazzaglia Bombs, A/T 3, FP 1 all for 2 points, unit card

Fortify the Building, all infantry teams in the building that the HQ unit is occupying save on a 2+

Never Misses, Lancia A/T Battery. your unit leader may re-roll one failed to hit in each shooting step. 2 points. Think this is one that I will use!

Tactical Brilliance, Semovente SP Battery, unit is elite and gains scout! 2 points, Not a bad card!

The cards have three warrior cards all of which are not bad, several unit build cards which save you points, 5 different formation builds, which are two light tank campanies, an armored car company, a motorcycle company and an assault engineer company.

Overall the command cards are so much better then either the German's, British or American's Command Cards. I like them so much better then the German Cards which just don't seem to help out much.

As for the book, well the quick look I took early makes it seem to be fairly good. The point levels are nice. For 38 points, you can get 11 M14/41s and 3 Semoventes which will leave you with 37 points for another formation or even a couple of german tank platoons. Say a couple of PZ3 platoons to help out. Or a couple of 90mm platoons with 40 inch range and a punch of 14.

Overall I think this is a much better book then the other three.

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