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John Birdwell
John Birdwell Feb 25

So the weekend that D-day will be the 9th or 10th of June. So can we do a D-Day Tournament? People have been talking about doing a Mid-War Tournament. So lets do one if Atlantis can do it. But, we can only do Sunday the 10th, due to Atlantis doing Card Playing Tournaments going on, on Saturday the 10th and of course that day would  work for most of us.

So we can do either a 71 point Mid-War  or a 1400 Late War 2, hour 15 minute Rounds. Starting 10 or 1030 AM and going til its done!

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Challis Miles
Challis Miles Feb 26
My vote is for 1400 late war.
Bill White
Bill White Feb 26
HIstorically your Germans are going to have tiger 1’s or Panthers. I think 1400 points nerfs that. I would propose 1515, it’s not a whole lot more but from experience it will allow for Tiger 1’s and Panthers.
Bill White
Bill White Feb 27
We could have an escalation type tournament, 1400 round 1, 1515 round 2, and 1750 round 3? Each points level would build on the previous points level, so no swapping out previous units.
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Feb 27
The D-Day event that Austin ran was fun.  Just need to tone down the re-spawning bunkers.  
Robert Bomkamp
1550, 1750, 1950

Go big or go home.

Would all 3 lists have to be from the same "list"?
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Challis Miles
Challis Miles Feb 28
The only issue I see with the escalating points and the "same units" restriction is that (at least for me) sometimes there are units that you take because they fit in a restricted points value, that are otherwise obsolete when you increase the points. Like going from a light mortar platoon at 1420 when you could bring a 105mm battery at 1550. So I would say keep the same combat and weapons formations and divisional support can swap out?
Thomas Slopnick
An escalation tournament is a terrible idea. Armies play very differently at different point levels. Would not be fair match round to round. I wouldn’t participate.

Higher points levels usually mean longer games. Again, not ideal for tournaments. I wouldn’t go higher than 1750 in a late war tournament. And 1515 would be better. List building should be a challenge. 1400 would be too restrictive.

I also think tournaments should be limited to specific books or themes like “France, 1944”. This game is not balanced for Anything Goes tournaments. Too much variance with in EW, LW. Don’t get me started on MW.

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