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James Copeland
James Copeland Mar 16 '16

The morning was breaking soon; the recce companies were already starting their transports engines, and final checking the gear for the days attack. The bulge in the allies’ line had been unstoppable since the Russian pact with the 3rd Rich nearly 6 months prior. Gen. Abrams knew that the line had to be weak somewhere. And the day before his mind was made up; War hero Audie Murphy, in the prior days probing attacks had been cut off and trapped by the joint Nazi/Russian (Traitor American) forces. He could not allow Murphy to remain behind enemy lines. The battle plan was laid out, he was fortunate that several British companies in the area were made available for the attack.

the left flank would be made up of a joint US tank company supported by a detachment from His majesty’s 51 Highland, to the center his own US recce would push in a lightning assault and take the cross roads to prevent envelopment of his attacking forces. Taking the right flank 6th British Para Recce and 30 Corps Sherman’s would make a diversionary strike deep into Soviet held land, pulling units from the other flank.
Abrams received word that all attacking units were in position and awaiting the order to roll out. Never one to wait, he ordered his tanks to lead the charge; a full frontal assault in 3 parts began.

From: German Field Marshal
TO: German Field Commander


as this message reaches you my lines are under heavy allied assault. The situation is near 2v1 odds at the moment. I request units be pulled from elsewhere along the line with all possible speed to reinforce my position. I am opposed British line infantry with moderate US armor support on my flank, I feel the flank will be pushed towards the rear without support. I am also engaged in the center, at a crossroad holding back a dedicated American Recce assault. I am informed by my staff that Russian units in the flank are reporting near 50% losses by a British Recce assault, and I have not confirmed but am aware of a British armored column supporting the para recce assault. Sir I await your orders and assistance.


Abrams lighting war surged forward, his lead Jumbo setting an example at moderate range spotting and engaging the German line, death confirmed! Abrams reminded himself to give that man a medal after the fighting was done. Reports were coming in of unopposed advance to the line. British Para had made their way into Soviet held territory and was already making a name for themselves taking out 3x IS-2 and surging into the forest ahead of them. There armor support was lining up for long-range fire support along the ridge line. In the center his company commander reported that his recce units were in position, he had run into a prepared position in the town, and was taking time to navigate friendly minefields. Resistance was proving tough, but his engineers were ready to begin their assault. British Intelligence was reporting no German armor in the area, just two German halftracks, nothing his motivated engenders couldn’t handle. He looked over the reports of the battle in front of him. British moving forward, his own tanks rushing to close behind a German King Tiger. Unexpected, but nothing his tankers couldn’t handle.

From German Field Marshal
TO: German Field Command

My line is holding, still requesting additional forces, Soviet flank is collapsing, and will soon have a road open to my supply lines, this will prove disastrous. I know the Soviets are my allies now, but I have no trust in their ability to hold, and am redeploying my own forces to cover the gap, this puts me in an even thinner position. Awaiting your orders.

2x American tanks are burning now, my heavy artillery has cut of the line of escape, and my infantry are preparing an assault to blunt the advance.

Abrams was struggling to keep his tankers moving forward, an unexpected artillery barrage had shaken his men. His infantry support was not yet ready to assault. Why couldn’t those Scotsmen hurry? His Sherman’s would not hold a line against dug in PAK 40s and German heavy armor. Curse this night, he understood why the British commander insisted on a night attack but, it neutered his idea of a lighting war. As he was sending orders to his commanders to keep up the push, a disaster came in. An entire platoon had been ambushed by (Traitor American 76s and a German Infantry column. While he applauded the guts to stay in the attack, the platoon had been lost. The American Stuarts had been providing gun support to his advance, were shredded by a German PAK 40 Ambush, with 2/3 of his force gone, he personally was required to keep his men in the fight. If not for his Fearless personality, the men who were fleeing would not have stopped. With his armor near depleted and the Highlanders not yet ready to advance, he sent a wire to the Para Commander…. Push with all speed, main attack has been blunted; make diversionary assault the main force push.” His Recce in the center of the town were bogged down, British Intel had proved flawed as a flame Halftrack rushed forward and flamed his men. Luckily most were outside the range of the attack. After a 2nd attempt to take the cross roads failed his company began to dig in and prepare for a long slugfest. A Brit Para unit was moving to assist the crossroads assault. The British Para and Tank moved out rushing as fast as they could after receiving the order to attack. Tetrarchs rushed forward, hoping to catch the reaming soviets before renforments arrived.

Units are beginning to arrive; Soviet flame tanks and our own ADA have joined a platoon of PZ IV to blunt the British Recce trust. The main attack seems to have lost all power. Our ambushes have crippled the American Armor and the Reluctant 51st seem very wary of engaging our heroic defenders. Our infantry at the cross roads are holding, and with some fire support from nearby 88s are repulsing wave after wave of Americans. We are moving flame units to mop up the reaming assaults. Requesting more artillery support to deal with the flood of units on the flanks.


With his Attack blunted Abrams sulked, he wouldn’t carry the field, but his allies were running into more success, as the Para had been thrown back in the town, the Para Recce and Armored units on the right flank, were pushing against a strongly reinforced soviet flank. He chuckled as he thought about those men inside the tetrarch’s, those brave bastards may as well be in a tin can against the German PZ IV and those Soviet 122mm. Hell even the anti-air stood an amazing chance at eating them up. Yet somehow those men seemed invulnerable.

Soviet flame tanks moved in to flame British Para, soviet heavy tanks moved in to engage British with my PZ IV supporting with ADA. I think the Allied assaults are stopped, an early morning air raid took out one of my rockets, but the line is holding.

The Tetrarchs swarmed the soviet tanks, shooting in frenzy were able to bail out the crews and flame one tank. Without taking a single casualty, they stood ready to support the infantry assaults. The first platoon was thrown back with heavy losses, but managed to kill two further soviet flame tanks. The Para moved in, and the company commander of the Soviets fell to their assaults. The Soviets were forced back with only 1 tank remaining in two platoons! The German support was being taken out slowly by British Armor and 75mm artillery.  The flank wavered. The tetrarch were poised to take the supply line, it all hinged on the return fire from the German defenders. Night quickly approaching though halted the attack and Abrams troops dug in for the night, awaiting replacements for the next day’s further push.


Allies: It seemed our diversionary push was much more successful than the main attack, this was mainly in my opinion due to the unsuccessful bog checks by the IS2s, once they were out of the fight, and the limited reinforcement was not enough to stem the advance. Infantry can successfully attack tanks, and once more we proved that Version 3 rules and assaults are vague.  Depending on the return fire from the PZ IV the Tetrarchs were revving for the objective.

In the Center… this was a meat grinder, after three American assaults and two brit para… we should have redeployed all units in the center to the flanks to support there, we really wasted a large amount of troops to accomplish nothing. I don’t feel the mine fields hindered us… they didn’t help the way we wanted though.

Pete learned a lesson yesterday…. Don’t get to close to infantry… Bravo to the axis for the wildly successful ambushes. I think you would have been better served putting the 76s on the other flank. They helped, but would have been deadly on my infantry... who had trouble with tank riders… Having a higher command is a fun flavor and would love to see more in the future.

Soviets should never leave home without tank riders….. They proved to be the single hardest challenge for me... and there was nothing I could do except take it... With no lube.

Defense in depth would have helped slow the advance further, once the soviet IS2 and flame tanks were broke; it was a free run to the objective. Next 5v5 we do I think it may help.

Well that’s all I can think of, hope it’s a good read, pics to follow once there done being edited.

Also… good allied smoke usage! More of that in the future.

Pete Desnoyers
Pete Desnoyers Mar 16 '16
This is/was totally fun to read, good job Austin!

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