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Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Apr 13 '18
With the Warhammer 40K tournament going Sunday, is anyone planning on showing up at Atlantis?
John Birdwell
John Birdwell Apr 13 '18
I don't believe Ian is and I don't think I will be either. So unless you want to go to Portsmouth to play I really don't think anyone will be showing up Jeff.
Dan ONeil
Dan ONeil Apr 14 '18
I'll probably stop by to look at the amoured fist book. I will have my stuff with my in case anyone else stops by/if there is room.
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Apr 14 '18
A few of us picked up Armored Fist last weekend.  Go Brits!  I'm gonna be a slug tomorrow and just chill at home.  Too much yard work today-- even broke out the power washer for the front walk.
Pete Desnoyers
Pete Desnoyers Apr 15 '18
Not me, I'm gonna spend the day painting...
John Birdwell
John Birdwell Apr 15 '18
Well Pete I did that last weekend! This weekend is just full of cleaning stuff out and putting stuff away! I am still wondering where all those German Tanks and stuff came from that I found today! LOL!

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