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Joshua Cameron
Joshua Cameron Apr 1 '16
Has anyone had experience with a Ranger list? I was thinking of starting one.
Pete Desnoyers
Pete Desnoyers Apr 2 '16
Josh, I played a ranger's list a few weeks back and won. I would definitely go for it. They are also fearless trained in both mid and late war. Plus, they get some great rules such as:

 Get Tough!Ranger Infantry team hit on a roll of 3+ in an assault.I Shall Never Fail My ComradesIgnore the first Destroyed Ranger Platoon, Ranger Mortar Platoon, or Ranger Cannon Platoon in a Ranger Battalion (Normandy) or a Ranger Battalion when determining whether it is necessary to take a Company Morale Check.No Obstacle Too Tough
Ranger Infantry and Man-packed Gun teams are Mountaineers (see page 61 of the rulebook).
Rangers Lead the Way
Ranger Infantry teams and man-packed gun teams may move At the Double (using the Truscott Trot) through Slow Going and Difficult Going (but not through Obstacle fortifications).

Joshua Cameron
Joshua Cameron Apr 2 '16
Awesome. All I'll need to get the Ranger list I put together is to buy a bunch of Rifle Platoons and I'll be good to go. Might think about that in the near future.

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