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John Birdwell
John Birdwell Apr 20 '16
May 22nd at Atlantis! $20 to get in and you get Lunch! And it will be 1420 points and a D-Day Allied/Axis game! So come one and come all! Ian has already signed up as have I.
Pete Desnoyers
Pete Desnoyers Apr 21 '16
Where do you sign up?
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Apr 21 '16
OK cool.  I sent an email yesterday to the Brian asking point total and era.  Hmmmm.  Have to decide which side I'm going to play.
Brian Apr 23 '16
Brian Sullivan here, I'm the TO. I haven't gotten an email from you Jeff, but you can sign up by emailing me at
Arrick Apr 25 '16
May or may not go. Car needs repairs which means I may not be able to pass up working a weekend for the extra pay. We shall see.
James Copeland
James Copeland Apr 28 '16
I sent an email to Brian! Signed up!
Brian Apr 30 '16
Hello all, I currently have eleven players registered. Four German, seven Allied. We'll need some more German players, so conscript your reluctant German friends! 
Pete Desnoyers
Pete Desnoyers May 2 '16
Brian, not sure if I actually signed up.  Just in case I didn't, please mark me down as Allies/American.
Brian May 2 '16
I got you Pete, you're all set. 
Pete Desnoyers
Pete Desnoyers May 2 '16
Thanks Brian!

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