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John Birdwell
John Birdwell Apr 24 '16

For the Fatherland!

     Today we meet the Dreaded Amis (Pete) in battle and with fire and thunder we fought them! We meet on a river (the Mission was Surrounded). They had the bridge and the ford covered with those dang Amis Rangers which had dug in. Our carefully hidden supply of French wine was located in the south near a group of trees and right where the Amis had dug in another platoon of Rangers! To the north and east of the river had dug in on the Brandy supply! Then their guns were on the edge of our op area well dug in! His light tank platoon was on the east side of the river with some of the TD security platoon and the rest were on the west bank! His mobile 155mm guns were carefully laid in ambush! Oh my!

     We the Germans however, were ready! On the west, a battery of 155m guns, French, but still powerful! To the northwest a battery of Nebs. A platoon of 2cm Flak guns was spread to cover both. A single two gun platoon of HMG were set up to cover the southwest. The single platoon of Marder 1s was set up to move up and attack!

     To the east three full platoons of Infantry were set up in assault stacks and each had an extra HMG attached along with one having a Panzershreck team. An almost full strength HMG platoon was on the far north of the line. Between the HMGs and the infantry was the platoon of Brumbars! Only two tanks, but what tanks! The infantry guns were set up on the road ready to move forward and support the assault! The Pak 40 platoon was south of the infantry line and in the best place to cover the open ground and bridge along with the light tanks!

     The battle starts!

     The Brumbars move up keeping up with the infantry! Oh no! The Amis mobile armored 155mms guns are there just in front of them! One platoon of infantry moves right with the Tanks! The other two move forward! The Infantry guns roll forward and are ready to fire! Two of the Marders roll forward to fire from the brush line. They are the first to fire! One of the security sections M20s is blown apart! But, the Jeep, it makes its saves! Dang the bad luck! The HMGs from the west open up! 12 shots no kills! The east side fires! The infantry guns work their magic! One M5 is bailed out. The Pak 40s fire! Another two M5s are hit and are destroyed! The HMGs fire from the east aimed at the Amis 105s! One gun is hit and can no long work! The other one that is in range, lives on! The Bears speak! One of the Amis infantry teams is no longer with us! Now is the time for the Big Guns! They roar! 155mm's land! The infantry platoon on top of the Brandy supply to the NE is pinned! Yeah! However, the mobile 155 is still in working order, but the Artillery is also pinned! All made their saves! But, they know that they have been kissed and more will follow!

     The Amis roll and see if they can unpin and unbail! The M5 crew stays in the bottom of the tank wanting to go home and get out of the war! No help there! The guns do not unpin! Good for us! Now for the return fire! The M5 platoon fires, the one M5 that can see the infantry guns fires! Thank God for good Krupp steel gun shields! The guns, both of them, are still there and in working order! But, the tank on the south side of the road can see one of the infantry platoons that are moving up! They fire and one of our teams dies! Oh sad day! However, That tanks day will come! Everything else is hiding and quite gone to ground!

     Turn two! We move up with the infantry! Along the brush line we are ready to fire! The Pak 40s fire! The M5 in front of them is blown apart! Poor Amis! The infantry guns now fire! Since they stood still more fire comes out! Another M5 is blown apart! This time it is the command tank! Oh happy day! The Marders fire again! That dang Jeep still lives! How does he do that! LOL! Next time we get you! And your little dog to! LOL! The infantry fires and the Bears fire! The HMGs fire! One more gun is gone! Only two guns left in the battery. several more infantry teams bite it. Slowly getting them taken out! Soon we will have the Brandy back! Oh yes! Their turn! Oh no the M18s have come out and they are moving on Marders, they fire and the Marders are no more! His artillery fires and lands on and kills a, a , a Bear! How does that happen! His 155mm's fire and hits! A big Flash and the Bear just shakes it off! It needs a new paint job, but it is still there ready for battle!

     The HMGs move up from the east. The Infantry moves up to Assault! We move up with everything that can move that needs to! The Infantry guns fire, the HMGs fire, the Infantry fires and finally the Bear fires! Then the guns and rockets fire! When the smoke clears, both of the 155mms are done for! More infantry are hit and gone, but not by a long shot are they all gone! Dang it! We assault! They hit and kill one team, but we get in with the bayonet! We clear their holes one by one and in the end one infantry team and the command team of the guns are thrown off the hill! All others lay where they fell! We are done for this turn!

      Again the Amis in the lone tank hide in its belly! The TDs move to the east to take the infantry under fire! A storm of fire covers the hill protecting the Brandy supply! A team falls. But, now we know where you are at! And no more concealed and gone to ground Amis! You are now in our sights!

     We unpin and dig in on the hill top! Another platoon moves into the rear of the first one and makes ready to move to attack the guns! The HMGs move more to the west. The Bear moves forward! Another infantry platoon moves to attack the lone team on the south hill! Everything that can fires! The Pak 40s fire and hit both M18s! They burn! The infantry take a storm of fire along with the guns! Another gun dies, more infantry die! The Company Command team on the hill dies!

     When all of the smoke clears, the Amis now have to take a company morale check due to being under half their platoons! And there are no more teams near the Brandy supply! The Amis break and are no longer on the battlefield!

     Good Game Pete! You fought it as well as you could! At the end, there was a great deal of saves on both sides. However, about the only things you could have done was to move the one platoon of infantry towards either my artillery or to back up the platoon on the brandy supply. That and bring out your M18s on your part of turn one so you would have had their firepower from them on, instead of bring them out on turn two! Both of us rolled really bad on kills and good on saves. Lots of shoots on both sides! The mission and terrain did not support your force. It did for me force and I was able to attack from cover. Nice game. Thanks for playing! Oh my timeline is a little off I figure, but its at least close!


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