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Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue May 31 '16

I'll bring Germans and have multiple lists.  I have 8 MG bunkers and 2 MG nests built.  I have 12 minefield sections built and 12 entrenchment sections half built.  I hope to have some barbed wire sections built by Sunday.  May be a little short on those though so if you have barbed wire sections bring them.

Looks like a pretty neat concept.  I'm pretty excited to play it.

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John Birdwell
John Birdwell Jun 1 '16
Jeff we have a good amount of barbed wire sections. And a couple of HMG bunkers.
Arrick Jun 4 '16
Guess I'll bring Russians lol
James Copeland
James Copeland Jun 4 '16

I hope its not to late to mention this.. if everyone can bring extras, I may need additional units... for all armys

3x IS-2

2x King Tigers

x2 flamethrower infantry stands (allied)

German AA platoon

3x Sherman

3x PZ IV

2 Neb (w/ Command)

5x Shermans

These are in addition to w/e your list will contain. 

Also... Bring a few extra of the things in your list, you may be able to plus size units depending on your success

Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jun 5 '16

I'll bring everything I have. 

I was able to do some barbed wire sections so I have 14 sections of those.

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