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John Birdwell
John Birdwell Jul 2 '16

Its been a long time since we really did anything. So it has been talked about us doing an Infantry Aces Campaign. I down loaded it from BF and read over it. Ian did also.

     We can do it either mid war or late war. I think Mid war would be better for us at this time. Only two books and everyone can see what the other side could bring. I think if we did it like a tournament only by the weekend instead it would work.

     Everyone starts with 500 points. You use them for the required troops and any points left over you use for company and weapons platoons only at the five hundred point level. No vehicles! If you get troops with vehicles they stay off board. Engineers would get their truck though if you bought it.

     We play two battles at 500 points on a four foot by four foot table. Do that on one sunday. Then on the next sunday we play one 700 point battle. Only one platoon of tanks. At 700 points you can use any of your troops. Combat, weapons and support platoons! You use a full 4' by 6' table. Then either that day or the next weekend you play a 900 point battle. Same rules. However, no special people! No Patton's, Rommel's or anyone else!  

     We can download all of the forms. We don't have to do the Italian Campaign map. Just do the terrain on the table and go to fighting!

     So far Ian is going to do Brit Guards, Italy Mid War. I'm looking at Italian's North Africa or FJ Italy Mid War. Arrick is planning on Russians! God Help Us all! Bring lots of HMGs! Faced those Hordes before and you can stop them, but it takes lots of Guns!

     So look over the Campaign and see what everyone says. I think we could do this starting next weekend! So if you want to do this bring a list of 500 points of Infantry! Along with maybe one of 700 points for later!

Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jul 5 '16

OK. So infantry lists from Mid-war books.  We can still use the campaign routes and scenarios from Cassino and the Infantry Aces pdf.

For the first round the lists have the following restrictions:

500 points

- Company HQ, Combat and Weapons Platoons only.  No Support choices.

-No transports or tanks.

-If you have a pioneer support vehicle, it automatically deploys its fortifications.

- The mission rules may modify the force.  For instance in the first battle of the Mountain Route, The Barracks, the mission rules allow the defender to exchange an HMG for and HMG nest.

If y'all are good with it and depending on how many players we have and the breakdown we can have the Russian play either side.

John Birdwell
John Birdwell Jul 6 '16

And for those of us playing this weekend. Please bring a printed out army list of up to 500 points. For each battle. I think we can get in two 500 point battles on a 4' x 4' table on sunday each.

HQ, Combat Platoons and Weapon Platoons only! And you must meet the requirments to play the List!

I will try and print out the forms for the Aces and bring them with me. However, if you can print out your own forms that will help out!

Challis Miles
Challis Miles Jul 10 '16
Hopefully you guys will want to run another one after this because I'd really like to get in on it. Unfortunately this time, I won't be back in town until you guys are up to your 900pt battles.
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jul 13 '16

With Historicon going this weekend I think we are going to stay at 500 points this weekend and then go to 700 next weekend. So you still have time to get a 500 point game in.

For the 700 point games the list restrictions are the same- still no vehicles but you can now take support choices.

Challis Miles
Challis Miles Jul 14 '16
Unfortunately I will be on Duty that Sunday :/ But if if anyone is interested in a 500pt game that Saturday, I'd be willing. I suppose I will play Germans or Soviets out Eastern Front or I can play Australians from North Africa, although I don't have many the support choices I'd need. Let me know where you need support.
Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Jul 14 '16
Is Infantry Aces this Sunday the 17th? 
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jul 15 '16

Challis, we are a little short of Axis players so if you could do Germans that would be best. 

Russell, we started last weekend but the Infantry Aces campaign is a multi-week campaign.  You can still get in on it if you want.

Arrange a game between the 2 of you on Saturday? Not sure who is showing up Sunday. 

Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Jul 15 '16
I can't on Saturday because I am at Historicon but I wanted to know what time in the war we were doing. If it's not late war than I would have to borrow an army if that is okay.
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jul 15 '16
Pete and I will be heading up to Historicon too.  Your late war Americans are fine for mid-war.  You can borrow whatever Americans I have.
James Copeland
James Copeland Jul 16 '16

Shameless tag in this post too... I am free all day today and Sunday!

Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Jul 17 '16
Sorry I couldn't make it today I was dropping my friend off who came to historicon with me, but I should be able to play next week if that's okay
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jul 18 '16
No problem.  Be prepared to run a 500 point list (restrictions above) or a 700 point list.  The 700 point list can have support options but still no vehicles. Do you have the North Africa book? 
Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Jul 19 '16
No I play out of Nuts! Do you mind if I ask if you can bring a second army, my brother would like to play but he hasn't finished his marines.
Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jul 19 '16

I typically bring my Americans and my Brits (as well as my Germans).  He's welcome to use them. 

Infantry is Infantry.  You can use the same models for mid-war and play in the Infantry Aces campaign if you want.  I'll bring my North Africa book too.

Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Jul 19 '16
Okay thank you. Do you know of any upcoming Late War Flames of War tournaments?
James Copeland
James Copeland Jul 19 '16

nope but if you want to get together and do some practice games I'm free this week any time after 5pm and Sat all day long. I play Brits and I have a TON of extras that if your brother wants to come and see the game and play/learn.

Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Jul 20 '16
Yes please. Can you meet up tonight at the hobby shop around 6:30? 
Challis Miles
Challis Miles Jul 21 '16 is a great resource for building lists and experimenting with lists from books you don't own, like North Africa. I will be by Saturday as soon as I figure out a 500/700 pt Axis list to play. Also, if anyone is interested in a 1420 LW or a 1700 pt game MW please let me know. I'd like to play one of those.
Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Jul 21 '16
Would that be a Late War game for only Saturday or could you do it on Friday?
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