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Ian Birdwell
Ian Birdwell Jan 12 '16
Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a list I've drawn up for the Williamsburg Muster since I haven't seen ya'll in a while 

British Highland Division Rifle Co. 

Command with bagpipes

2 9 stand rifle platoons with sticky bombs

1 7 Stand Rifle Platoon

3 Universal Carriers

4 6 pdrs with Sticky bombs

2 platoons of 3 Matilda IIs

4 25 pdrs

The general idea of this list is to use night attack to get in close and assault. I decided on this list versus an Australian List because the Australian Rules are less than stellar and lower points costs for nearly everything.

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Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Jan 13 '16

Looks solid for most stuff but if you don't get to night attack you may run into problems. Careful of relying too much on getting night attack all the time. You don't have much in the way of long range AT fire. If you run into  Panther list you may have a tough time.  Sticky Bombs will help against Tigers but careful when you use them-  they are a double edged sword.

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