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John Birdwell
John Birdwell Aug 6 '16

So reading over stuff while looking at tanks online, I found out some things. We could have a in house rule so the US players can use their troops!

M3 Light tanks can be used. The 75mm A/T guns mounted on half tracks can be used. Sorry guys no Lees/Grants. Most of the 1st Armored Divisions tanks in late 1941 were taken from them and sent to the British. So no go there. No Sherman's or M10s or M7 Priests. The rest of the troops can be used though as is out of the Mid War book.

So the US players could run a light tank company and the HT 75mm Tank destroyers T19s if anyone has any. They can also run a Armored Infantry Company as long as stuff that didn't get made and used before 1942 is not taken.

So That way the US players can get into early war battles.

The reason that I want to play early war is due to the fact that several of us are going to Williamsburg at the end of the month and playing in the tournament that there and it is an early war one.

So I figure that tomorrow we can play early war and practice for the tournament! Its 1500 points and early war! See everyone there!

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