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Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Aug 29 '16
Hello everyone, I am looking into getting an Early War Company started, and I wanted to see if you had any input. Right now I'm looking at the Polish Cavalry Regiment, I have a Mid/Late War Infantry company so I wanted to try out something new. If you have any suggestions on which company or models to get please let me know, Thanks.

Jeff Shue
Jeff Shue Sep 1 '16
Poles are pretty good.  I think they are only in the Blitzkreig Book however.  You may want to look and see if there are any other pdfs out there.
James Copeland
James Copeland Sep 1 '16
Late war poles in road to Rome... Basically Brits with a bear ammo carrier. 
Challis Miles
Challis Miles Sep 1 '16
They also have LW Polish Paras in Market Garden, but I'm pretty sure none of their equipment is the same as EW. Might I suggest an EW German infantry force? It would give you an Axis Force and some of the vehicles even carry over as far as LW, so you would have a jumping off point to expand to mid or late.

Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Sep 1 '16
I am exclusively looking for an Early War army because I already have a Mid/Late War company and I am trying to expand my tournament options. I appreciate the suggestions. My brother already has the Blitzkrieg book so I was planning on playing out of that.
James Copeland
James Copeland Sep 2 '16
Polish are my other EW army, I have a cav list as well... now to finish the paint job....

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