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Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Sep 7 '16
Hello everyone. I was looking into going to the Fall In! tournament in Lancaster PA this November, but the lists of games and tournaments aren't up yet on the HMGS site. So I was wondering if anyone could give me contact info to whoever will be running the tournament, or just clarification as to what section of the war and what point range for the tournament. Thank you.
James Copeland
James Copeland Sep 7 '16
That sounds cool I'll look around for anything
Brian Sep 7 '16
There are two Flames of War tournaments, a doubles tournament run by the i95 group, and a singles being run by Kurt Reese. You can find information about the i95 event on the i95 gamers yahoo group, it's going to be Bulge themed. There is a post on the WWPD site with information about Kurt's Mid War event. 
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Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Sep 8 '16
Thank you for the information.

Russell Crouch
Russell Crouch Sep 8 '16
Here is the info about Fall In! I was looking for, just in case anyone else is interested. Link for the Mid-War Tournament, but I could not find any thing about the doubles tournament so if anyone has the link I would be glad if they shared it.

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