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John Birdwell
John Birdwell Feb 22 '16

Ok, we played yesterday and I just wanted to do a after action report of what I saw.

German side.

We had plenty of artillery although I don't think we needed to bring three batteries of Nebs! The 15cm guns worked great. Jeff's Panthers didn't work all that great! My Panthers Rocked! All three made their rolls to get through a building the first time and killed a few tanks! The PZ4s died to a tank though. My Quad Flak didn't even get a shot off! Dang. The King Tiger really didn't do much to the other side other then make a 40" bubble around it that no one from the Allied side wanted to get within! LOL! It only killed one M5 Stuart and a couple of T34s all game along with denting a Jumbo. But, boy did it keep a big area clear of the Allies! The Main problem that I saw was that the German Armor on the right flak died and all of the PZ4s on the left flank also died.

For the Allies the problems that I saw mostly fell into three areas.

1. You didn't bring any artillery. If you had you could have smoked the King Tiger and then moved into the center and brought the war to the Axis.

2. You didn't bring any Flak! Bring AA when you can, even a little bit can help! Truck mounted HMGs, quad Fifty's or a 40mm can help out a lot.

3. Move! The First turn you should have moved as fast as you could have to bring the war to the Axis. Yes it was after set up when we all rolled and you guys won. At that time each side had only half its units onboard. So you should have moved your tanks as fast as possible forward! If all of you had done that you would have put lots of pressure on the Germans and would have been able to keep it up. You need to get to the flanks of Panthers and King Tigers. Even if you move at the double, which gives the other side two shoots for each normal shots, that doesn't include artillery or air, you would only still take at the most four shots from the King Tiger, if it should still, or two shots if it moved. And with "Jumbos lead the way" and the fact that I would have been rolling a five or six to hit means that maybe only 1 or 2 shots would have hit you. And then we have to find out if it punched and killed. The odds were good that you would have gotten up close and made me move the King Tiger off of the hill. Which would have helped you out. And you would have gotten your tanks to spread out somewhat more and then would have been able to do more.

4. You let the King Tiger command the center! Bad thing to do. You were more worried about what it could do to you, then what you could do to it! At the most it could have gotten off two shots. Yes it could have killed one or two tanks that turn. But, once you got close it would have had to move so you wouldn't have gotten side shots. And a moving King Tiger means that it only shoots once instead of twice.

5. No plan on what to do. You guys made several attacks by yourselves. Austin attacked with out anyone supporting him. If Pete had moved up in support, you guys just may have taken that OB Marker. It would have cut down on the fire he was taking and helped out.

6. Air. Your Air Support didn't really do much. Since you didn't bring any AA you used your air support to defend from our air support. And that uses up your dice fast. Your air was the best way to do onto our artillery support. If you had gotten a couple of air attacks into our heavy artillery, even if you didn't kill a gun, it would have pinned down the guns for a while. Even Fearless troops don't always become unpinned. And who knows you may have killed a gun! Or an 88! And either or both of those would have helped you out.

So to hit the high points.

For the German's, it would be to bring some more light flak and maybe some heavier A/T guns.

For the Allie's, bring Artillery, AA and MOVE!

Pete Desnoyers
Pete Desnoyers Feb 24 '16
Wow, John what an awesome AAR.  Thanks for all the great suggestions.

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